I teach and research in Stylistics and Narrative Analysis at the University of Birmingham where I am Head of the Division of English Language and Applied Linguistics. I am editor of the Journal of Literary Semantics.


Curriculum Vitae


M. A., Edinburgh University, 1972-1976, first class honours, English Language and Literature. D. Phil., St John's College, Oxford University, 1976-81


1981-1987: Lecturer in English Language and Literature, National University of Singapore.1987-1989: Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Washington, Seattle. 1989-1995: Associate Professor with tenure, Department of English, University of Washington, Seattle. 1996- : Professor of Applied English Linguistics, School of English, University of Birmingham.

Teaching and Administrative Experience

1981-7, National University of Singapore: undergraduate courses taught in Language and Cultural Perception; Narrative Structures; Literary Stylistics, Introduction to Linguistics; Grammar; Phonetics. Supervision of senior undergraduate and M.A. theses in Stylistics, Discourse Analysis, and Pragmatics.

1987-1995, University of Washington: undergraduate courses taught in History of the English Language; English Syntax; Introduction to the Study of Language; and Literary Stylistics; graduate seminars taught on The Nature of Language: History and Theory; Stylistics; Discourse Analysis.

1996-present, Professor of English Language and currently Head of the Division of English Language and Applied Linguistics, at the University of Birmingham.

2009-11, Head of Department of English. Graduate and undergraduate classes taught on  Stylistics, Narrative Analysis, and Discourse Analysis. Currently supervising six Ph D students, who are working on:

  • narration and metanarration in modernist and postmodernist fiction;
  • Shakespeare's style in the late plays;
  • slave and migrant narratives: a Critical Discourse Analysis;
  • domesticated horror and the uncanny in David Lynch's film narratives;
  • style-maintenance and -degradation in French-to-English translation of postmodern fiction
  • using corpus linguistic methods to evaluate Chinese-to-English literary translation

Membership of Professional Organisations and other Academic Activities:

Host/organizer for the Poetics and Linguistics Association (GB) and International Association of Literary Semantics conferences, Spring 2002.

Member of the Poetics and Linguistics Association of Great Britain; British Association of Applied Linguistics; International Association for the Integrational Study of Language and Communication.

Member of the editorial boards of the journals Language and Literature; Functions of Language; and Language Sciences; of the book series Linguistic Approaches to Literature (Benjamins); and of International Advisory panels for the on-line journal Semiotics (Toronto) and Topics in Language and Literature (Singapore).

Reader/adviser on book proposals and manuscripts for numerous publishers; adviser on tenure/promotion decisions to universities in several countries; external examiner for doctoral theses at, in the recent past, the University of Edinburgh, University of Southern Denmark, Goldsmiths College London, University of Nottingham, and the National University of Singapore. Sometime external examiner of BA and MA programmes at the University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University, University of Wolverhampton, Goldsmiths College London, and Cardiff University.

Chair, International Association of Literary Semantics (since October 2006);

Editor, Journal of Literary Semantics (since 2002).

Member of AHRB (subsequently AHRC) Research Awards Panel 3, for English Language and Literature, September 2001- January 2005.

Member of AHRC College of Research Award Assessors, wef March 2006.

Member of University Appeals Committees.

Member of University's Arts and Social Sciences Ethical Review Committee, from September 2007 (current)



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(Editor), Language Teaching and Integrational Linguistics (New York: Routledge/Taylor and Francis, 2009).

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Book Reviews:

Reviews of works on discourse analysis, stylistics, and linguistic theory, in the following journals: Journal of Literary Semantics; Style; Poetics Today; English Studies; TESOL Quarterly; Language and Literature; Language and Communication; Social Semiotics; Sociolinguistics; and Language in Society. 

Review of Geoffrey Sampson, The 'Language Instinct' Debate. Revised edition. London and New York: Continuum, 2005, in Language in Society, 36(4), 622-626, September, 2007.

Conference Papers and Talks

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One-week graduate lecture series in Granada, Spain, in May 2004.

" The language of guidance: narrativity and narrative progression", a paper delivered as part of a panel on Narrativity at the ESSE 7 Conference (European Society for the Study of English), Zaragoza, September 2004.

"Rights and identity: a contemporary preoccupation in socio-legal and literary studies": a talk given to the Department of English, Tampere, Finland, 23 September 2004.

"The irresponsibility of Free Indirect Discourse", a paper presented by me as one of two invited speakers at a one-day colloquium on Free Indirect Discourse, at Tampere, 24 September 2004.

"Whatever next?: Narrative expectation and progression", a talk given to the Department of English and American Studies, University of Murcia, Spain, May 2005.

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"Using corpus methods in the analysis of narrative texture", Language Staff-Student Seminar, Aston University, Birmingham, 25 October 2006.

Invited plenary talk to a Conference on Narrative, Cognition, Linguistics, to be hosted by the Center for Narratological Studies, University of Southern Denmark, Kolding, 9-10 November 2006.

Plenary, 'Narrative Progression in the Short Story: A Corpus Stylistic Approach", Society for the Study of Narrative Literature Conference, Washington DC, March 15-18, 2007.

"Alice Munro and Narrative", English Department joint Language and Literature staff seminar, 28 March 2007, University of Birmingham.

Plenary lecture on Multimodal narrative and verbal form, in Narrative and Multimodality Conference, UCE April 2007.

Department of English, University of Kiaohsiung, Taiwan, One-week visiting professorship, May 2007, and two talks in a Workshop on Applied Linguistics.

Visiting professor for ISFC pre-Congress Summer School, Univ. of Southern Denmark, Odense, July 10-14, 2007, giving one-week workshop on narrative progression and corpus stylistics.

"Around 1990, Corpus Linguistics set in." Plenary talk at the 23rd International Congress of Systemic Linguistics, Univ. of Southern Denmark, Odense, July 16-20, 2007.

"Pressures on and from English Legal Terms in Global Contexts", invited talk in the Beijing Forum, University of Beijing, China, 2-4 November 2007

"How Does Literary Language Move Us?" Invited plenary talk at the XIV Susanne Hübner international seminar, "Linguistics and persuasive communication", University of Zaragoza, Spain, 14-17 November 2007.

Invited plenary at the Linguistics & Poetics Conference in honour of the influences of Roman Jakobson, Carlsberg Academy, Copenhagen, 24-25 January 2008.

Corpus stylistics and feeling, Invited workshop participant, International Society for the Linguistics of English (ISLE), Freiburg, Germany, 12-15 October, 2008.

Stylistics, Repetition and Emotion, Invited Plenary, 2nd International Stylistics Conference, October 20-22, 2008, Shanghai.

Invited plenary, "Literariness and Creativity,"  3rd International Roundtable on Discourse Analysis: Discourse and Creativity, City University of Hong Kong, May 7-9, 2009.

"Immersion and emotion in students reading poems and stories: can reader responses and corpus methods converge?" Talk, Department of English, University of Hong Kong, 5 May  2009.

"Literariness, expectation, and the 'right sort' of repetition." Talk, Department of English, Hong Kong Baptist University, 5 May 2009.

Work in Progress and Current Research Interests

Current research work includes

  • Applications of corpus linguistic analysis to the study of narrative progression and the guidance of readers' expectations
  • Integrational linguistics in theory and practice
  • Stylistic analysis of reader-emotion and -immersion in narrative texts
  • Narratively bound for university? Teenage personal narratives and identities in transition