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Since 1993 BMMS has presented a monthly abstract of press reporting on Islam in Britain. Here is the most complete coverage of the subject available today. BMMS has followed the development of the Muslim Council of Britain since it was founded in 1993. It has covered the growing recognition of Islam in public life nationally and locally. The activities of local communities in schools, social and cultural life and in dialogue with other religions are recorded in the BMMS.

Working from newspaper clippings of all national and local, daily and weekly newspapers and magazines - from The Times and the Daily Mail, through the Birmingham Post and the Barnsley Star, to the Spectator and Horse and Hounds. English-language papers published by Muslim and ethnic minority organisations are also included.

Organised logically by monthly main features and thematic sections, each issue has a full list of contents. Each issue appears three weeks after the end of the month it covers to ensure as complete a coverage as possible of the events of that month.

BMMS is used as a key reference by local and central government departments. For researchers it is a basic resource for entering the field. Readers outside Britain find it the convenient way to keep in touch with an area which offers many parallels with their own situation.

BMMS is an indispensable reference record for anyone who regularly has to provide background briefings on the latest events involving Muslims in Britain. Embassy information officers, for example, will find it invaluable. Libraries used by people wanting to know more about Muslims in Britain will find the whole series very useful.

BMMS is produced by CSIC which pioneered documentation and research on the situation of Muslims in Britain and the rest of the Europe and has a high reputation among government officials, academics and Muslim organisations.

BMMS has appeared since January 1993 without a break. Past issues are available in bound volumes, so that you can have access to a complete record of the seven years of development since then. 

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Published by the Centre for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, Department of Theology, University of Birmingham, UK